ISBE will strengthen Europe’s scientific and economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life for EU citizens.



ISBE will offer industry the best training, services, collaborations and development of technologies.



ISBE will enable European life scientists to tackle complex biological problems from a systems perspective.





Our Vision

ISBE’s vision is to enable European life scientists from all sectors to tackle complex biological problems from a systems perspective. ISBE will achieve this by establishing a distributed European-wide infrastructure, and providing the means for accessing these hubs of technological excellence in systems biology. The infrastructure will offer the best multidisciplinary research expertise, training, experimental and modelling facilities, repositories of data and models necessary for small to large scale systems biology research programmes.

Facilitation of this integrated systemic approach to the study of biological processes will transform our basic knowledge of biological systems at many scales – from molecules to cells to whole organisms. Exploitation of which will result in applications in areas including bio-medicine, agricultural science and the environment; thus positively impacting future healthcare and bio-based technological development for the greater benefit of European industry, society and the overall economy.