ISBE will strengthen Europe’s scientific and economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life for EU citizens.



ISBE will offer industry the best training, services, collaborations and development of technologies.



ISBE will offer researchers easy access to support, resources and training.








Our Vision

Creating a European research infrastructure that empowers scientists to understand how living organisms function to a level that allows rational and effective intervention in how biological systems operate. This allows life science researchers to deliver solutions that address societal grand challenges in health and quality of life, bio-economy and sustainability.

Our Mission

By interconnecting national systems biology centres and making their collective expertise, resources and services easily accessible for all European researchers, ISBE will bring systems biology within easy reach of scientists.

Through ISBE, researchers will be able to gain easy access to the best systems biology expertise, resources and services including state-of-the-art facilities, data, models, tools and training.

ISBE will drive the development and uptake of standards for biological data, tools and models as well as operating procedures, ensuring that data and models across different laboratories, countries and sectors become combinable and re-usable.