ISBE Business Plan

As the Preparatory Phase of Infrastructure for Systems Biology in Europe (ISBE) comes to an end, the project is publishing the first edition of its business plan. This is an update of the ISBE Business Case (published in November 14) which explains the rationale for ISBE, the physical infrastructure, the plans for services and access, the legal and governance structure and financial aspecys of the research infrastructure.

This document provides an update of critical discussions that have taken place in the final months of the preparatory project, and details:-

  • how ISBE will be establish pilot operations in 2015 – 2018 as ’ISBE-light’
  • how ISBE will fit into the wider national and European research infrastructure landscape
  • how ISBE will function, and what it will offer in the long-term, beyond 2018

A living document

In order to be successful, ISBE must map onto current and future community needs. It is therefore a key task of the project to engage regularly with stakeholders and potential funders to develop a research infrastructure that meets the needs of our broad and diverse community. As such the ISBE business plan is a living document that will continue to evolve during the course of the Interim Phase and regular updates are planned to publically refresh this document.

With the support of the systems biology community, the ISBE Interim Phase will initiate the establishment of ISBE as a sustainable legal entity, supported through financial contributions from EU member states, and begin the process of identifying the first round of national Systems Biology Centres that will form the basis of the Research Infrastructure.

You can also download the full Business Plan here or view the Executive Summary here.

Get Involved

There are various ways in which you can get involved with the activities of ISBE. For further information see our Get Involved page where you can also register to join our mailing list.

If you have any specific comments on this first edition of the Business Plan then please send to Adrian Pugh