CORBEL launches 1st Open Call for research projects

CORBEL Open call

CORBEL-Logo straplineCORBEL – Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services – is an EC Horizon2020 project uniting 11 Biological and Medical Science Research Infrastructures (RIs). In CORBEL, the participating RIs expand their cooperation in order to harmonise researchers’ access to their cutting-edge technologies and services by establishing a sustainable platform of aligned services that will enable faster admission to and a wider portfolio of technologies and services to boost research projects.

The CORBEL Open Call invites researchers to apply to access technologies and services from more than 15 facilities from eight different research infrastructures across Europe. Selected projects will be allocated to so-called Access Tracks and gain unprecedented opportunities to utilise a wide range of high-end technologies and services. These include state-of-the-art offers from the fields of advanced imaging, biobanking, curated databases, marine model organisms, mouse mutant phenotyping, screening and medicinal chemistry, structural biology as well as systems biology.

Projects will be supported at every stage, with CORBEL project managers on hand to help scientists navigate between different service providers and exploit the full potential of the offers available.


Learn more about the CORBEL Open Call by visiting our website (

European Systems Biology Community Website

Building a European Systems biology community

The European Systems Biology Community website, a unique initiative to provide researchers and stakeholders with a spectrum of community-centred services, was launched during the 14th International Conference in Systems Biology (ICSB2013, Copenhagen, 30th August – 3rd September).

The specific objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Act as a common point of interaction for everyone in Europe who considers themselves to be a systems biologist
  • Allow for broader discussion, showing how increasing numbers of researchers are becoming part of systems biology approaches
  • Support biologists who want to learn more about systems biology
  • Create a “Who’s who?” – a database of the European landscape of researchers in systems biology
  • Provide information about the resources available in Europe: both technical (i.e. modeling resources) and supporting actions such as conferences, education and training workshops

Using search options and a novel interactive network visualization tool, the user will have access to community-centred information, and will be able to contribute to building the community by providing information and by participating in the open conversations and debates.