How will the funding work?

ISBE is now one of the preparatory phase projects funded by the EC under FP7. An award of €4.75M was made available by the EC to support the ISBE Preparatory Phase for 3 years from August 2012 to July 2015.

As with all ESFRIs, funding for the construction and operational phases will come largely from national sources, rather than European sources.

ISBE has established an Advisory Committee with members from a range of ministries and national agencies who bring their knowledge and perspective on their scientific communities, as well as their own current funding considerations.

It is vital for ISBE to draw from a broad range of national perspectives, free from any discussion of financial commitments to ensure that ISBE provides an infrastructure that responds to national priorities, capitalises on national investments in the data management/ data and model integration resources for systems biology, and facilitates access to these resources at a European level.

Current Advisory Committee with representations from:

  • Austria (FFG)
  • Germany (BMBF & PtJ);
  • Netherlands (NWO & ZonMw);
  • Norway (RCN);
  • Slovenia (MIZS);
  • Spain (MINECO)
  • UK (BBSRC)


For more information

If you are a representative of a national ministry or a national funding agency that would like to know more about the present status of the funding model for ISBE you are welcome to contact Gabriela Pastori  and Adrian Pugh at