Users and Access to the infrastructure

Who will use the infrastructure?

  • The ISBE infrastructure will support organisations, as well as individual researchers, that want to unravel complex biological systems. They may be in academia, hospitals and clinics or industry. For industry ISBE expertise and services will be tuned to the different needs of large companies and SMEs.
  • ISBE’s clients may be new to systems biology, or already have expertise in this field. ISBE will connect them to its network of national System Biology Centres, providing a wide range of services and resources.
  • ISBE will make its expertise available to funding agencies, policy makers, scientific journals and all others that that may benefit from it.

To enhance the use of its infrastructure ISBE will offer a programme of courses targeted to specific groups based on their existing knowledge and future requirements.

User access to the ISBE infrastructure

ISBE will offer services and resources to individual researchers as well national and international research consortia. Access will be simple through a single central web portal. By default, a user will be linked to one of the SBCs, where possible their national ISBE centre.

  • Web-based services: access to resources and information
    ISBE will offer free web-based access to resources and community information, such as:

    • selected curated and annotated tools, data, maps and models
    • information about standards and SOPs
    • information about community activities, meetings and courses
  • Consultancy and advice
    Clients that need relatively simple advice or information from a systems biology expert will be linked to a staff member of one of the SBCs. Contact by email, telephone, skype, etc. It is anticipated that this type of simple consultancy will be free of charge.
  • Contract activities
    ISBE services that require the support of SBC staff over a more extended period of time will be subject to the following procedure.

    • First contact will be made via the ISBE portal by providing condensed basic and standardised information about the requested services (experimental design, workflows, model-compliant data generation, modelling, model analysis, validation and simulation).
    • The client will be linked to a national Systems Biology Centre (nSBC) staff member and on the basis of a scientific project plan, e.g. a grant application to a funding organisation, a formal contract, a time planning and a cost estimate will be made.