The ISBE training strategy will focus on the development and dissemination of best practice in systems biology training and education at all levels. Key elements of the training strategy are listed below:

  • Postgraduate training (development of core curricula and establishment of a network of ISBE postgraduate training activities)
  • Training of post-doctoral and advanced researchers (focussing mainly on users of the ISBE infrastructure and to include specialist short-courses based on the competencies required within the target groups)
    • To include, for example, accredited modular courses appropriate for continuous professional development, e-resources, online training courses, summer schools, train the trainer, advanced lecture courses.
  • Training of SBC staff (managers and operators) to maximise effective use of ISBE and other ESFRI infrastructures ( to be coordinated with other ESFRI training activities) to include:
    • Managers of research infrastructures; to develop skills such as leadership and team-building, marketing and communication, strategic planning, stakeholder management, project management, human resource management, service quality and management, performance measurement, budgeting and control.
    • Technical operators of research infrastructure; focussing on harmonisation and integration with other research infrastructures as well as expertise specific to ISBE, including data management, security, user engagement; service development; systems administration and ethical and legal compliance.
  • Promoting cultural change to enable integrative, interdisciplinary approaches to systems biology training and education.
  • Disseminating information relating to training, making all relevant training findable and accessible to researchers from both academia and industry.
    • In this rapidly expanding field, there is a continuous need for courses and workshops that disseminate, critically evaluate and expand new insight and knowledge. ISBE will maintain a comprehensive database of systems biology-related courses, workshops and conferences and make this information available to the life sciences community.
  • Maintaining an online catalogue of experimental and modelling techniques, allowing (non-expert) researchers to identify what these can provide and what their limitations are.
  • Providing customised training for industry.
    Industry has a need for systems biology training courses, tailored to their specific needs. ISBE will develop such bespoke courses in collaboration with industry partners.