Preparatory Phase

The preparatory phase of ISBE started in August 2012 and has been awarded funding for 3 years under the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (FP7) as one of 13 European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) projects in the field of Biological and Medical Sciences.

The consortium consists of 23 experts from 11 member states and its primary goal is to develop a detailed proposal for a European infrastructure, through broad consultation with the systems biology community. This proposal will include both the scientific vision and the practical approach to governance, sustainable funding and training. To this end, ISBE will draw on the expertise and support of national and European stakeholders and funding agencies in developing a strategy including a financial model for the consequent implementation of a systems biology infrastructure.

Interactive communication with the research community is key to the success of the preparatory phase. To facilitate this process and harness community spirit, the ISBE consortium will engage with the community through an interactive community website, invite community input to guide the development of the infrastructure through targeted surveys and update the community on its aims and progress at relevant scientific conferences.