ESFRI Roadmap

The European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) was established in 2002 with the aim of fostering the joint usage of infrastructures to facilitate international competitiveness in science and technology development in the fields of energy, the life sciences, physics and astronomy, social sciences and information technology. An intensive advice and consultation process resulted in three calls for ‘ESFRI roadmap’ actions developed into 48 future-oriented thematic initiatives.

Within the life sciences, topics including bioinformatics, structural biology, biobanks, imaging, marine biology as well as other high-tech initiatives have each been supported by the EU for an initial three-year preparatory phase, and some have already progressed to the subsequent construction stage of coordinated funding from EU member states for their implementation.

It is the explicit goal of the ESFRI strategy to facilitate the implementation of research infrastructures through national funding agencies by establishing the necessary coordination and legal frameworks in the preparatory phase. A complete list of biomedical projects and their status can be found in the current report of the BMS-workgroup (see links below for further info). ISBE itself also recognizes the possibility of synergising with a number of other ESFRIs

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