The organisational structure of the ISBE consortium comprises the following:

General Assembly (ISBE partners) as the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. The General Assembly includes all core partners of ISBE who have signed the consortium agreement.

Steering Committee as the supervisory body for the execution of the Project which reports to and is accountable to the General Assembly. The Steering Committee is responsible for maintaining overall responsibility for the progress and direction of the project. The Steering Committee includes all work-package leaders and representatives of ISBE partners. The committee is chaired by Prof. Richard Kitney (Imperial College London), with support from the ISBE Project Manager.

The Coordinator is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission. The Coordinator shall, in addition to its responsibilities as a Party, perform the tasks assigned to it as described in the EC-GA and this Consortium Agreement. The Coordinator of ISBE is Imperial College London represented by Prof. Richard Kitney.

The Scientific Advisory Board, comprising international scientific experts representing different stakeholder communities, will assist and facilitate the decisions made by the General Assembly and provide advice to the Steering Committee and Coordinator. See full details of SAB Members here.

The Work Package Leaders are responsible for the implementation of the objectives of their respective Work Packages into detailed working plans and for ensuring deliverables associated with respective work-packages are met.

The Project Manager will act as the point of contract and administrative coordinator for all organizational and reporting activities to the consortium and the community. The Project Manager for ISBE is Dr Barbara Skene (Imperial College London).