ESFRI Synergies

An important aspect of Systems Biology is its interdisciplinary nature. It often links various expertises and technologies into an integrated project, and we therefore envisage that one role of the ISBE infrastructure will be to link various other ESFRI infrastructures in a meaningful way – for example allowing the creation of computer models which integrate both “omics” data from ELIXIR with quantitative imaging data from Euro-BioImaging. We are therefore intensively interacting with existing research infrastructures in the area of life sciences and health during their preparatory or implementation phases:

Project Focus
ELIXIR Bioinformatics
Infrafrontier Functional genomics in mouse
BBMRI Biobanking
Instruct Structural Biology
Euro-BioImaging Imaging
EU-Openscreen Chemical Biology
ECRIN Clinical Biology
EATRIS Translational Biology
EMBRC Marine Biology
MIRRI Microbial Biology

We anticipate that technologies provided by the various other Biological and Medical Science Research Infrastructures will be open to researchers of all disciplines. ISBE will be offering technologies (such as data-generation platforms) as well as computational modelling and mathematical expertise. ISBE aims to cover not only quantitative systems-wide ‘omics’ data, but also imaging, structural, chemical or ecological data. Systems approaches will in many cases be large scale, quantitative and multi dimensional, involving multiple disciplines and technologies.

We are also working with other efforts which already exist to coordinate and create synergies between Biological and Medical Science Research Infrastructures, supported by the European Commission and the ESFRI Biological and Medical Science Thematic Working Group in the areas of e-infrastructures, bioinformatics, training and national and European funding.

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