Work Packages

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WP1: Project Management and Coordination
Managing and coordinating the preparatory phase in order to deliver the agreed objectives of this proposal.

WP2: Model and Data Management
Focussing on the adoption of best practices, standards, technical infrastructure, software and capacity for data and model management and distribution. 

WP3: Overall Infrastructure, Eligibility and Accessibility
Looking to define the central infrastructure of ISBE in terms of different types of dedicated research centres and the protocols for access to the ISBE centres.

WP4: Data Generation
Aiming to develop the appropriate institutional infrastructure and scientific mentality to support the collection of high throughput quantitative data in the biomedical and biotechnology fields in a way that is fit for systems biology.

WP5: Community Building and Synergies
Striving to identify a coherent view on the various needs of the different categories of stakeholder, including additional technology applications especially in the fields of bioinformatics, bioimaging, chemical Biology and synthetic Biology.

WP7: Strategy, Vision and Advocacy
Developing a strategy, vision and advocacy pipeline for the implementation of the ISBE via a community-supported activity of  mapping the needs, bottlenecks and potential of the various aspects of systems biology in a broad range of areas.

WP8: Modelling Infrastructure and Expertise
Looking to provide the scientific and organisational foundation for a rapid and highly coordinated pan-European implementation of an extensive modelling service for academia and industry across all major disciplinary fields of biology.

WP9: Technology and Science Watch
Tasked with examining and evaluating the existing state-of-the-art of available technologies, and determining whether future technological and scientific developments in the scientific areas of systems biology should integrate these new technologies.

WP10: Training and Education
Addressing education and training with the envisaged outcome of detailed recommendations relating to interdisciplinary programme planning and course content.

WP11: Funding, Governance and Legal
Looking to establish a viable, long term, sustainable funding and legal framework for ISBE building on existing national and European funding for research and coordination in systems biology.

 WP13: Connections
Focussing on the definition and design of connections and standard interfaces between ISBE Centres to ensure that these are fast, seamless and user-friendly.

 WP15: Innovation, Impact and Exploitation
Aiming to identify mechanisms to promote and foster the translation of the outputs of research in systems biology to provide social, health and economic benefits.