Training and Education

This WP addresses education and training. The need for scientists specially trained in systems biology is now widely recognised. An important aspect of the work under this work package will be to carry out an audit of existing programmes and courses, from the point of view of applicability to the ISBE and best practice. It is envisaged that this will result in detailed recommendations relating to interdisciplinary programme planning and course content.

  • To identify ISBE training centres and best practice in current systems biology education at the graduate and post-graduate levels in Europe and beyond.
  • To network and support ISBE training activities and to create a web-based tool for disseminating information related to ISBE training and best practice.
  • To review ISBE curricula in systems biology and to define a core curriculum, plus sector based options.
  • To create a pilot multicentre EU programme in systems biology.
Work Package Leader Richard Kitney IC
Project Officer (contact) Barbara Skene IC
Partners Sarah Butcher IC
Damjana Rozman UL
Jure Acimovic UL
Angela Oberthuer UHEI
Thomas Hoefer DKFZ
Vitor Martins dos Santos ATV
Stefan Hohmann UGOT
Marija Cvijovic UGOT
Hans Westerhoff VUA
James Sharpe CRG
Joaquim Calbo CRG