Funding, Governance and Legal

The focus of this work package is to firstly understand and document the current status of investments in existing and developing European systems biology centres and associated IT systems – with the view to capitalising on and amalgamating these efforts in a pan-European distributed infrastructure.

A key step to achieve a viable funding model for ISBE will be to describe the priorities, issues and opportunities from the perspective of ministries and funding organisations and to design the measures and actions needed to fulfil them. Interaction with other work packages will be vital to ensure timely integration into and/or co-ordination with other research infrastructures, in particular with ELIXIR. This is essential in order to develop a feasible funding strategy that is appropriate to the diverse range of European ministries and funding organisations involved in systems biology.

In order to establish viable, long term, sustainable, funding and a legal framework for ISBE, it must build upon the strategic activities of European national funding agencies and engage with them in establishing support.

The Objectives of Work Package 11 are:

  • To understand and document the challenges to be met to establish a pan-European infrastructure that capitalises on existing national and European funding for research and co-ordination in systems biology.
  • To identify and document current funding mechanisms and instruments for co-ordination of resources across European ministries and funding organisations interested in ISBE.
  • To map the scope and duration of different funding segments of the infrastructure, to enable their effective and efficient integration and operation, and to develop governance models against the mapping.
  • To deliver an interim funding and governance phase, based on the mapping of funding segments and strategic priorities of funding organisations participating in ISBE.
  • To recommend indicative funding requirements for the co-ordination and integration of the different segments of infrastructure.
  • To deliver a long-term funding and governance strategy that supports the objectives and priorities of funding organisations participating in ISBE.
  • To provide a business plan and mechanisms for negotiation of International Consortium Agreement, for the subsequent construction phase of ISBE, – to be reviewed and agreed by the Steering Committee.
Work Package Leader Gabriela Pastori BBSRC
Project Officer (contact) Adrian Pugh BBSRC
Partners Frans Martens NWO
Roel van Driel UvA
Marta Sabec MIZS
Albin Kralj MIZS
Vitor Martins dos Santos WU-ATV
Richard Kitney IC