ISBE will consist of nodes (see WP3) and strong connections between these. Particularly Systems Biology needs to integrate various types of expertise that do not exist at a single location at the highest level of excellence. WP13 has the aim to make these connections seamless, ultrafast and user friendly.

The core group will examine experiences with integration of systems biology activities in earlier large scale systems biology networks, through interviews and through web searches. It will then draft a working paper with a proposal for all relevant connection mechanisms.

The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • To define and design all possible connections between ISBE nodes that will promote European Systems Biology.
  • To design standard interfaces at ISBE nodes that enable computer assisted connecting.
  • To design ways in which large systems biology tasks can be partitioned over nodes and the results reintegrated.
Work Package Leader Hans Westerhoff VUA
Project Officer (contact) Martijn Moné VUA
Partners Carole Goble UNIMAN
Nicolas le Novere EMBL-EBI
Vitor Martins dos Santos WU-ATV
Roel van Driel UvA
Richard Kitney IC