Innovation, Impact and Exploitation

Innovation, Impact and Exploitation are key drivers of systems biology for the major stakeholder groups encompassing (i) life sciences and clinical communities (ii) industry and (iii) society. Investing and encouraging innovation by use of systems biology infrastructures will be a priority in Europe, as well as measuring its impact offset by sustainability.

A third element linked to innovation and impact will be exploitation, in which we assess the affordability and quality delivered through the ISBE in conjunction with existing work packages including WP2 (Model and Data Management), WP3 (Overall Infrastructure, Eligibility and Accessibility), WP5 (Community Building and Synergies), WP7 (Strategy, Vision and Advocacy), WP9 (Technology and Science Watch) and WP11 (Funding Governance and Legal).

This work package will survey and explore major elements and mechanisms:

  • That underpin new models of Systems Biology research in basic and applied sciences
  • That enable innovative approaches in health and life sciences in or between academia and industry
  • That improve efficiency to transfer laboratory findings to treatments in medicine agri-food and life-sciences in general
  • That ensure exploitation and management of intellectual property in ISBE collaborations
  • That promote existing structures and identify new models for commercialisation
  • That explore the impact of existing policy on the sustainability, affordability and quality of the systems biology pipeline to exploitation
Work Package Leader Garry Corthals CBT
Project Officer (contact) Anne Rokka CBT
Partner Eadaoin McKiernan NUID-UCD