Data Generation

Systems approaches require the collection, integration and storage of large data sets from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and other –omic fields as well as molecular imaging with the goal to model life processes. The aim of the Data Generation work package (WP4) is to develop the appropriate institutional infrastructure and scientific mentality to support the collection of high throughput quantitative data in the biomedical and biotechnology fields in a way that is fit for systems biology. The overall objective of WP4 is to translate the strategic vision developed in WP3 and WP7 into an infrastructure plan for the construction phase of ISBE.

  • To document the existing physical infrastructures providing high throughput data generation of partner institutes in order to identify those that are relevant to ISBE.
  • To develop a long-term, strategic vision of the role of high throughput data generation centres for systems biology research.
  • To develop a distributed infrastructure prioritised plan to renovate existing infrastructures and build new infrastructures. To determine their contribution and impact on ISBE by constructing a roadmap of integrating relevant proposals for national and pan-European construction plans.
  • To design and define standards and harmonise procedures in the operation and management of the data generation centres and to ensure implementation of harmonised and standardised operating practices among users.
  • To define the needs of the European scientific community regarding access to the Data Generation Centres.
  • To develop a plan for the implementation of European access and to develop the strategies that will establish the rules for providing European access to the Data Generation Centres of ISBE.
  • To assess the needs, survey existing solutions and define the future strategy for developing a distributed data storage infrastructure for systems biology that can efficiently cope with unprecedented data volume and will be linked closely to the data generation centres and modelling hubs of ISBE (in cooperation with WP3).
Work Package Leader Dimitris Thanos BRFAA
Project Officer (contact) Sissy Kolyva BRFAA
Partners Jutta Steinkoetter MDC
Nicolas le Novere EMBL-EBI
Thomas Hoefer DKFZ
Angela Oberthuer UHEI
Vitor Martins dos Santos WU-ATV
Jens Nielsen Chalmers
James Sharpe CRG
Carole Goble UNIMAN