Community Building and Synergies

This WP is focused on identifying and engaging with all European stakeholders of the following categories: (a) researchers who already see themselves as systems biologists (including European research consortia), (b) those who do not, but could benefit from the ISBE infrastructure, (c) the broader groups of stakeholders: clinical researchers, industry, the media, policy makers, funding organisations and the general public at large, and (d) existing and emerging ESFRI projects in the field of Biological and Medical Sciences.

One of the general goals will therefore be to identify a coherent view on the various needs of the different categories of stakeholder, including additional technology applications especially in the fields of bioinformatics, bioimaging, chemical biology and synthetic biology.

The work can be divided into the following broad objectives:

  • To identify the systems biology community and to assess the broader understanding of systems biology by multiple stakeholder groups
  • To provide a central portal for access to all general information, and as a means for dialogue/communication within the community
  • To gather information of relevance to the community and to co-ordinate the sharing of expertise. To survey international research infrastructures and successful infrastructure networks outside of ESFRI and to promote ISBE partnership options
  • To develop illustrative case studies for stakeholder groups and to promote ISBE to the European systems biology community
  • To establish a mechanism for on-going expansion of the Systems Biology community, especially into the extended European area (Eastern Europe etc.)
  • To set-up a full debate on the possible development of a European systems biology society, especially for its potential value in lobbying funding agencies, national and European funding programmes (HORIZON2020) and regulatory bodies
  • To coordinate ISBE preparatory phase with ongoing and emerging projects within the ESFRI roadmap and the area of Biological and Medical Sciences (BMS) (i.e. scientific interfacing w/ bioinformatics screening and imaging as well as data resources, biobanks and leading international systems biology infrastructures)
  • To develop collaboration agreements with existing ESFRI initiatives and objectives for multi-ESFRI nodes (including agreements on accessibility and real-time connections between ISBE and other ESFRI projects)
Work Package Co-Leader (Community Building) James Sharpe CRG
Project Officer (contact) Joaquim Calbó CRG
Work Package Co-Leader (Synergies) Jutta Steinkoetter MDC
Project Officer (contact) Angela Krueger MDC
Case Studies Coordinator Eadaoin McKiernan NUID-UCD
Project Officer (contact) William Fitzmaurice NUID-UCD
Partners Garry Corthals CBT
Kristina Gruden NIB
Dimitris Thanos BRFAA
Rudiger Ettrich C4SYS
Nicolas le Novere EMBL-EBI