Strategy, Vision and Advocacy

The objective of the ISBE Preparatory Phase is to lay down a strategy, vision and advocacy pipeline for the implementation of the ISBE at a subsequent phase. This WP aims at developing an initial basis for the implementation plan and operation of a European infrastructure in Systems Biology.

The activities aim at a community-supported consensus in mapping the needs, bottlenecks and potential of the various aspects of Systems Biology in a broad range of areas. WP7 will refine the ISBE vision based on the existing pre-proposal that resulted in ISBE being including in the ESFRI roadmap, the advocacy thereof, and the strategy to achieve these goals. All relevant interest and stakeholder groups will be involved to achieve the objective.

Owing to its role in defining a vision, defining a strategy and compiling science cases for advocacy of systems biology, WP7 will be pivotal in the development of the ISBE and needs the close interaction with most other WPs.

The WP entails:

  • Definition of the principles and “ethos” of systems biology that overarch the different application areas of systems biology (e.g. systems medicine, systems ecology)
  • A forward look where systems biology needs to be in 5 and 10 years from now
  • Identification of the major current bottlenecks for systems biology in Europe
  • Definition of the necessary systems biology infrastructure to overcome the existing bottlenecks
  • Mapping and assessing the current systems biology infrastructure in the European Research Space
  • Identification and engagement of the relevant stakeholders across the European Research Space
  • Strategy development to align the views and needs of the various stakeholders (including funding agencies and governments)
  • Development of working models addressing the various topics within ISBE (including standards, data generation and management, European integration etc.) and its structure
  • Feasibility studies to illustrate the potential of systems biology
Work Package Leader Vítor Martins dos Santos WU-ATV
Project Officer (contact) Babette Regierer WU-ATV
Partners Stig Omholt UMB
Roel van Driel UvA
Carole Goble UNIMAN
Richard Kitney IC