Technology and Science Watch

During the preparatory phase the infrastructure needs to get an estimate of the state of the art with respect to existing and emerging technologies to formulate a technology vision for the operational phase of the infrastructure before starting its actual operation. One example that might be mentioned is the importance of new phenotyping technologies.

Additionally, a system needs to be established that ensures the continuous assessment of new scientific and technology areas in a standard way. For that a technology and science assessment council should be established, and mechanisms need to be defined and established by which the council operates (surveys, meetings, focused workshops).

The aim of this WP is to examine and evaluate the existing state-of-the-art of available technologies, and determine whether future technological and scientific developments in the scientific areas of systems biology should integrate these new technologies.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • To formulate a technology vision for the operational phase of the infrastructure.
  • To define and establish procedures for the continuous assessment of emerging technologies relevant to ISBE.
  • To implement new innovative technologies and procedures to ISBE’s technology tools and research topics.
  • To identify the future needs of the systems biology community with respect to storage and hardware.
Work Package Leader Rudiger Ettrich C4SYS
Project Officer (contact) Marcela Kotrcova C4SYS
Partners Dimitris Thanos BRFAA
Angela Oberthuer UHEI
Sarah Butcher IC