ISBE Community

Research and innovation help deliver jobs, prosperity, quality of life and global public goods. They generate the scientific and technological breakthroughs needed to tackle the urgent challenges society faces. Investment in this area also leads to businesses opportunities by creating innovative products and services. Although the European Union is a global leader in many technologies, it faces increasing competition from traditional competitors and emerging economies alike and must therefore improve its innovation performance. Research and innovation have therefore been placed at the centre of the Europe 2020 strategy to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
Horizon 2020 COM/2011/0808

In order to face several of its societal grand challenges in health, agriculture and bio-economy, Europe needs to enforce excellent research and support competitive innovation in life sciences. Building on previous national and European investment, transnationally accessible pan-European infrastructures are being constructed to empower researchers and industry in a comprehensive, inexpensive, and sustainable way.

In this context, ISBE is poised to enable ready access to state of the art systems biology infrastructure that can further enhance European competitiveness and social wellbeing by creating a common source of systems biology services, archives, repositories, tools, standards, data, models and training.

As such a pan-European initiative, ISBE sits on a complex landscape where it must establish strong links with policy makers and national or international funding bodies; with research institutions and research-intensive industry; with systems biologists and life scientists; with other infrastructures and initiatives; and with the society as a whole. In the process of definition and construction of ISBE, several stakeholder groups have been consulted in order to take into account their needs and wants.