European Systems Biology Community Website

The unique interdisciplinary character of the systems biology community involves collaborations between molecular biologists, geneticists, computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, etc.). These researchers tend to consider themselves as experts in tightly-defined disciplines, rather than as part of the systems biology community.

Thus, this is a highly-interactive community without disciplinary or geographical borders. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. While it enables innovative collaborations and new approaches to previously intractable problems, its dispersal and different disciplinary backgrounds represent a barrier to the fostering of a sense of a genuine community.

ISBE Community Website

To help in defining the European scenery of systems biology, ISBE launched a community website ( which serves a number of purposes:

  • Create a “Who’s who?” – a database of the European community of researchers in systems biology
  • Allow for broader discussion, showing how increasing numbers of researchers are becoming part of systems biology approaches
  • Support biologists who want to learn more about systems biology
  • Provide information about the events and resources available in Europe