European Collaborations

There are huge potential benefits from facilitating the exchange of information, expertise and technologies developed within one scientific community so that it can be applied to a range of other biological research areas. Coordinated engagement of ISBE with other relevant research initiatives will ensure that all potential for joint action is realised. This will strengthen the common development and facilitate the rapid uptake and availability of tools, services and data management.

Currently ISBE is working together with various relevant European projects and initiatives such as CASyM and ERASysAPP, to develop common strategies that support access to biological data and samples linked with experimental resources and expertise. ISBE will expand this outreaching activity once operating.

The list below includes projects, initiatives and organisations that share some of the aims of ISBE. It is not exhaustive and if you have any suggestions for what should be included here, please contact the ISBE project manager.


The International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB) is a newly-formed society aimed at advancing world-wide systems biology research by providing a forum for scientific discussions and various academic services. The annual International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB) serves as the main meeting for the society; in addition, ISSB will serve to organize and endorse a series of symposiums, workshops, and educational programs; and finally, it will soon be allied with an official society journal. The ISSB helps coordinate researchers to form alliances for meeting the unique needs of multidisciplinary and international systems biology research.


The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) serves over 3,000 members from more than 70 countries by addressing scientific policies, providing access to high quality publications, organizing meetings, and serving as a portal to information about training, education, employment and news from related fields.  The ISCB hosts annual meetings, including the ISMB, the world’s longest running and largest bioinformatics conference (held jointly with the ECCB every other year in Europe). The ISCB also affiliates with several other significant meetings of our science, has two official journals of the highest impact factors in the Mathematical & Computational Biology category, and has affiliations in place with several other publications for the benefit of our members.

SystemsX is the largest ever public research initiative in Switzerland and focuses specifically on a broad topical area of basic research. The initiative aims to advance systems biology in Switzerland with the claim of belonging to the best in the world in this area of research. Currently over 100 projects, ~ 300 research groups, more than 1000 scientists and thirteen equal partners comprising two national Swiss universities, eight cantonal universities and three research institutions, are supported by


The ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology (ERASysAPP ) has been launched to coordinate and enhance research opportunities in the emerging scientific field of Systems Biology. A total of 16 funding agencies/partners cooperate within this ERA-Net which predominantly aims at funding transnational Applied Systems Biology research, encouraging institutions and scientists from different countries, EU Member States as well as others, to network and share existing resources.


ERASynBio is an ERA-NET from the seventh framework program for the development and coordination of Synthetic Biology in the European Research Area. This ERA-NET started on January 1, 2012, with a duration of 3 years.

The central idea of ERASynBio is to promote the robust development of Synthetic Biology by structuring and coordinating national efforts and investment. ERASynBio will develop a strategic research agenda / white paper, which will support the emergence of national Synthetic Biology programmes and which will lay the ground for transnational funding activities via joint calls in the project.


The Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM) is a multidisciplinary European consortium that joined forces to develop an implementation strategy (road map) for Systems Medicine. The CASyM road map is driven by clinical needs: It aims to identify areas where a systems approach will address clinical questions and solve clinical problems.


BioMedBridges is a joint effort of twelve biomedical sciences research infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap.  Together, the project partners develop the shared e-infrastructure—the technical bridges—to allow data integration in the biological, medical, translational and clinical domains and thus strengthen biomedical resources in Europe.


The European Medicines Research Training Network (EMTRAIN) establishes a sustainable, pan-European platform for education and training (E&T) covering the whole life-cycle of medicines research, from basic science through clinical development to drug safety. This is achieved by integrating the strengths and competencies of the ESFRI BMS Infrastructures, the EFPIA companies, the current and future IMI E&T programmes as well as other scientific projects.


The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is Europe’s largest public-private initiative aiming to speed up the development of better and safer medicines for patients. It supports collaborative research projects and builds networks of industrial and academic experts in order to boost pharmaceutical innovation in Europe. IMI is a joint undertaking between the European Union and the pharmaceutical industry association EFPIA