The value of ISBE to Industry

Industry is a key driver of innovation and the exploitation of research findings into technological developments and applications of major socio-economic benefit. Systems Biology is already being applied in many industrial sectors, from pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals to biotechnology, food and healthcare. Companies are adopting systems approaches in a variety of ways, both in making end products and in creating systems biology tools.

ISBE will play an important role for industry by offering the best training, services, collaborations and development of technologies and methodologies. This is especially true for SMEs who may require access to systems biology approaches, but may not be large enough to have these technologies in-house. The future success of the European economy relies on our ability to offer access to unique or distributed scientific facilities (including data, instruments, computing and communications), irrespective of their type and location in Europe, with an aim to enhance existing and develop new knowledge-based industries.

ISBE will provide tangible opportunities and benefits to those working in industries in the field of systems biology and related life science disciplines by:

  • easy access to the best multidisciplinary research expertise, training, experimental and modelling facilities, repositories of data and models
  • enhanced public–private partnership and data integration
  • improved data sharing through standardisation
  • reduced costs through the re-usability of tools, data, maps and models

Examples where industry successfully implements systems biology:

Blueprints of life

Bas Teusink from Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology discusses the remarkable developments in his research made possible by the application of systems biology approaches

Merrimack: following a systems path to drug discovery
US Pharmaceutical company bases its business on a systems approach and is reaping the rewards

For more information on ISBE for Industry and details of industry-related events, please contact Will Fitzmaurice.