The value of ISBE to researchers

Biological processes are the result of complex and dynamic interactions between molecules, cells, tissues and organisms. Systems biology empowers life scientists to tackle and explore such systems by integrating different types of data sets in predictive computational models. This opens productive avenues towards in depth understanding of how biological systems function.

ISBE will offer researchers in academia, hospitals and industry easy access to support, resources and training that empowers them to use systems biology in their research. In this ISBE will cover a wide range of research and application fields, including healthcare, agriculture and industrial biotechnology.

Easy access to ISBE’s expertise and support will be warranted through a pan-European infrastructure of interconnected national Systems Biology Centres (nSBCs).

nSBCs will offer researchers:

  • support in modelling of biological systems based on integration of diverse data sets
  • stewardship of linked data, experimental procedures and models allowing re-use of results also after prolonged periods of time
  • development of community standards enabling effective data and model exchange
  • support in experimental design and generation of model-compliant data

nSBCs will support researchers through:

  • web-based access to modelling software, repositories and archives
  • advise and consultancy
  • contract activities
  • training and education


ISBE participates in programmes that aim to harmonise and synergise the support to life scientists of different European infrastructures, such as ELIXIR and BBMRI.

ISBE will make available the best European expertise in systems biology, including the necessary experimental and modelling facilities. ISBE infrastructure will consist of interconnected centres of high-end expertise and technological excellence in systems biology. In this way it will strongly enhance national and European investments in systems biology. To further support the use of systems biology approaches, ISBE will develop training programmes.