Funders and Policy makers

With the launch of the First Edition of its Business Plan, ISBE is now entering an interim phase during which ISBE will reach formal agreement with national funding organisations about ISBE’s legal structure and budget for the Legal Phase. Your participation is vital to ensure the infrastructure responds to the priorities of your funding organisation.

Next steps
ISBE Preparatory Phase ended in July 2015, with the primary output being the delivery of a comprehensive ISBE Business Plan describing how the infrastructure will operate and be funded.

Following this, it is expected that an ‘Interim Phase’ of approximately 3 years will be required to finalise negotiation of the legal agreement for establishing ISBE and the financial contributions from national funder representing member states, as well as the identification of associated national Systems Biology Centres (nSBCs).

ISBE is developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for presentation to national funding bodies, with the intention of gaining signatures within the first year of the interim phase. The MoU will also require signatories to identify financial support activities beyond the end of the preparatory phase. ISBE would also continue to liaise with other ESFRIs during this time, and play an active role in coordinated ESFRI Research infrastructures in life sciences applications for EC funding.

Identification of national Systems Biology Centres
ISBE has initiated a dialogue with potential nSBCs and associated funding bodies, aiming at identifying the nature of potential services, both available and in demand, and as a first approach to qualify and quantify future providers and users of the infrastructure.

This first step will be followed by an open nomination process that will require candidate centres to detail existing or planned financial national support, together with endorsement by both the host institution and an associated national research ministry or funding body.

For more information
Please contact Adrian Pugh if you are a representative of a national ministry or a national funding agency that would like to know more about:

  • the present status of the legal, governance and funding models for ISBE;
  • funding organisations currently involved in and advising ISBE on legal, governance and funding matters.