Systems Biology Community

Although systems biology has multiple historical roots (dynamical systems theory, molecular biology, physiology and high-throughput “omics” technologies), it is rather new as a field recognized on its own. In the past ten to fifteen years numerous research groups and institutions across Europe and beyond have started to use systems biology approaches, encouraged by extensive investments by national and European funders.

The vitality of the systems biology field is underscored by the growing number of academic systems biology training programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. However, this rapid development and uptake of systems approaches in the life sciences has been fragmented and heterogeneous, meaning that specific expertise is not easily and seamlessly accessible for researchers in Europe. Therefore, it is timely to develop common standards and best practices needed to make data and models robust and re-useable. ISBE is the answer to these issues.

In its definition phase, ISBE has launched several activities aiming to capture the current features of the systems biology community, to maintain an open dialogue with its members, and to understand which services and resources are already available and which are most demanded for the future. Some of these community-engaging activities are listed here: